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The adapter will then create a new wireless network that you can connect to - with perfect strength due to the network being transmitted through the powerline - so you don't have to worry about walls blocking the signal. The distance between the adapter and your modem won't matter too much, though the further away you are, there will be a slight decrease in network speeds. In a house of an average size, however, this won't be a problem.

The Netgear Powerline WiFi Access Point was incredibly easy to set up - we just plugged them into two sockets and they found each other straightaway. The Netgear Powerline WiFi Access Point kit does come with a disc containing a setup utility, which is worth using when you first plug in the Netgear Powerline WiFi Access Point adapters, as otherwise they will begin broadcasting a wireless network without any security.

The software that Netgear includes is easy to use, and quickly took us through the process of giving our new wireless network a password. On the adapter with the wireless access point, there is an LED light that changes colour depending on the strength of the signal it is getting through the socket. This is a nice touch that can help you choose the optimal place to plug the Netgear Powerline WiFi Access Point in.

Another button on the adapter lets you quickly and easily set up powerline security, which is handy for people in shared houses, or flats that use the same power lines. This ensures that network data is only sent between the adapters you specify.

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In our benchmark tests, however, the Netgear Powerline WiFi Access Point's speeds were disappointing, with just It's enough for the internet and streaming standard-definition movies, but for large files of HD media, you'll want something faster. The Netgear Powerline WiFi Access Point kit comes with two small adapters which are easy to place and are unobtrusive. What is WiFi 6? I can connect to it fine, but it's not secured with a password.

Easy dashboard to manage, monitor and repair your network.

I see no network or mapping of the network. Can anyone help? I contacted support as I just purchased and am still under warranty and I'm not sure those I've spoken to get it since there ultimate solution was to return the product.

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Some questions I'm considering may factor in: 1. The Powerline Utility for Windows is updated to version 3. Is there a possible security setting on my machine MBP somewhere that would prevent the Utility from being able to locate the "device" through the Ethernet? I just wanted to be as thorough as possible. Any help is appreciated!

Bring Wi-Fi to previous blackspots in your home with the Netgear Powerline 500 Wi-Fi Access Point

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Can I use the Powerline Utility or genie Software on my Mac to manage my Powerline adapter?

Labels: Troubleshooting. Confirmed with customer support via chat a few minutes ago after going back and forth for almost 25 mins.

There software is not compatible with Mavericks at the moment: Me: I think the device is working fine. I can access the wireless internet. I just cannot configure anything through the Powerline Utility because I believe the software from Netgear may not yet be up to date to work with Mavericks Janice Mae: As I checked, you are correct. The utility that is currently available is not compatible with OS Mavericks. We are still looking forward for the utility that will release soon.