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As iconic as they are, Apple computers only account for 7. Because of this, more people are familiar with PC than Mac, and entrepreneurs we spoke with who were in businesses that focused on customer service seemed to overwhelmingly favor PCs, partially because of the familiarity factor. Jason Cummins, the busy owner of All Hours Air , a hour heating and cooling installation service in Nevada, said the choice was easy for him.

Mac vs. PC: Business Owners Share Their Opinions

Cummins was not the only business owner to point out that PCs are the standard in business settings. Apple is for consumer end users form over substance , while PCs are for business end users. Many PC users who responded to our questions worked in data, finance and programming fields, and most of them expressed their preference for PCs in terms of functionality. You still have to install third-party applications to use a MacBook for this job.

Paul Koger, the New York City-based day trader behind Foxy Trades , said the choice came down to compatibility for him as well.

Apple Computers (Mac)

Many professionals also cited integration with legacy software and the ability to run and build proprietary solutions as a reason for choosing PC over Mac. Mark Chambers, from the U. For many business owners, price is the bottom line, and that was certainly the case for a lot of entrepreneurs on Team PC. Ian Wright, the U. He said his team was "PC all the way, since Macs don't offer great value. They look nice and work well, but cost two to three times as much as a decent PC. Brad M. Shaw, the man behind Dallas Website Design , noted familiarity and ease of use when asked about his choice of PC over Mac, but the first thing he mentioned in his reply was price.

For one, it is definitely much cheaper than a Mac. Maintenance for a Mac desktop is too expensive. He also referenced the availability of replacement parts and longevity. It's interesting to note that Shaw was not the only business owner on Team PC who mentioned availability of parts and the freedom to fix machines as a benefit to choosing PC. In fact, many PC business owners felt that PCs have better longevity than Macs, specifically because parts can easily be swapped.

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A third team emerged from the woodwork early in the interview process, and we're calling it Team Hybrid. Interestingly, unlike the brand-loyal teams, there did not seem to be any pattern in terms of industry type in Team Hybrid, but these flexible respondents did, in general, seem to be entrepreneurs with larger companies and more employees than respondents in either our Mac or PC group. The other commonality in this group was the desire for employees to be able to start working as quickly as possible and to feel comfortable and happy about the type of machine they were using.

Igor Sereda, the founder and CEO of international software development company ALM Works , described his choice humorously: "As an equal-opportunity employer, we don't discriminate based on employee platform choice. That does not leave room for learning a new operating system. All tasks we work on can be done either on a Mac or on a PC, so anything goes. Even Linux.

Mac VS PC 2018. Switching over to Windows, after 10 years on Macs.

There's also a promotion that includes free Beats headphones. Screen size is also an important consideration, not just for obvious reasons, but also because it dictates the overall size and weight of the laptop. Anything larger than But if it's smaller than, say, Whatever size you land on, be sure to note the weight of the machine. Anything over pounds might prove uncomfortable to schlep around campus all day. I consider a That's what you get in models like the HP Spectre x , which weighs just 2.

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Similarly, the aforementioned MacBook Air weighs 2. There are lots of other worthwhile choices in this category, including the nearly perfect Dell XPS 13 and convertible i. Here are some other best ultraportable laptops of Perhaps, but ask yourself: What's the real benefit? Most students need a keyboard for taking notes and writing papers, so do you really need one that's removable? Are you ever going to use the screen all by itself -- especially if it's a large, unwieldy screen, like inches?

A detachable keyboard is one more thing to keep charged, one more thing to lose or accidentally leave behind in your dorm room. Lots of students are drawn to the For starters, Microsoft stubbornly continues to charge extra for the keyboard instead of just bundling it. I honestly don't see the point; for the same money you can get a Meanwhile, the Surface's rear-hinge design has always made it awkward to use on your lap, and it might also be a poor fit on those little auditorium-seat desks.

Similarly, Apple has tried to turn iPads into laptops, but once again I think it's a foolish hybridization. If you opt for a 9. And if you add a matching keyboard cover, you're definitely in for a cramped experience. I'm not saying a tablet-keyboard combo can't work for some students, but I think a convertible makes a ton more sense -- and gives you a lot more buying options.

Once upon a time, the rule for buying a computer -- any computer -- was "buy the largest hard drive you can afford. That means forgoing the 1TB traditional hard drive in favor of a smaller-capacity solid-state drive SSD , which will make even a lower-end laptop run at a faster clip while at the same time helping extend battery life.

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SSDs have no moving parts and therefore consume less power. That's what you're likely to find in a lot of the more affordable laptop models. A Chromebook might have even less. But remember, we're living in a cloud-powered world: Most students stream their music and movies from services like Spotify and Netflix, and therefore don't need a ton of local storage for media. Documents such as school papers consume very little space, and will likely be housed on Google Drive or Office Online anyway.

For all the passion of Mac users, PC advocates can now honestly say they have a more touchy-feely relationship with their computers. So if you prefer speaking to your computer, or moving your finger across the screen, to a keyboard and mouse, PCs offer a clear advantage. At one time, PCs were known for frequent crashes, but the Windows operating system has become significantly more reliable.

While Mac hardware and software is denoted by its stability, the difference here has lessened. The odds of getting a virus or malware with a PC remain higher than with a Mac, but this is more about the numbers game than technology. About 7. The proper antivirus program and other safeguards will keep either system safe, but PCs will be at greater risk.

PCs and Macs do offer some clear-cut differences; which of those differences are the most important is something that each person has to decide for his or herself.

Due to price and availability, PCs tend to be the winner, while Macs remain the choice for the more elite or anti-Windows computer users. It truly is the golden age of computers.

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Learn more. Safari Chrome IE Firefox. PC vs. Mac: The Big Debate The differences between the two computers have become more subtle and revolve around personal taste. Which Platform Is Right for You?