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The Chamber of Deputies discussed the topic but finally postponed it. The bill must pass the lower house, then it will be submitted to the Senate. President Zeman has already stated that he wants to veto a same-sex marriage law. Read here interesting articles — one and two. NELFA supports the rally against all hatred and for more diversity, together with its national member Famiglie Arcobaleno. Read a corresponding press release , an article about the conference and your possibility to join the AllOut campaign. Villaverde from Spain about private international law.

And you can also give a donation. More information here. The country is on its way to an automatic co-parent recognition for married or partnered lesbian couples. In addition, couples in a civil partnership should get joint adoption rights! Read more here photo: Achim Melde. In the past years, lesbian couples and single women received funding for their fertility treatment. In the meantime, more than In summer, there should be a broader discussion about ART in general. Read more here in Dutch.

Next week, the Chamber of Deputies must decide — but still: the project has failed for the time being. Read more here in Romanian. Read the press release and see some further pictures here. Photo: Giovanni Fantoni. Board members and experts from both organisations presented very interesting insights.

See here the speeches one , two , three , four , five and six. Lorraine Hayles and her team just published a range of new information about the program, ticket prizes and the registration form. If you consider to take part in the Festival, just click here for a closer look. The marriage equality bill will be probably discussed during the parliamentary debate on 26 of March.

And at secondary level, all schools will be required to teach about sexual orientation and gender identity. Read the corresponding Stonewall article. The Parliament addresses a series of requests to the Commission, i. For more information and to get involved, follow the hashtag ComeOut4EU and visit the new website, www. BERN, 14 February The legal committee of the National Council is in favour of a new bill in Switzerland to introduce marriage equality, also with joint adoption rights.

Unfortunately, the same committee voted against the possibility for lesbian couples to get access to medically assisted procreation sperm donation. Read more here in German. In total, 32 participants from 16 countries came together to explore how to build new narratives in response to the anti-gender forces. Obviously, the Ministry of the Interior wants to avoid a recognition if one of the partners comes from a country without marriage equality. See the whole document here and the press release. It is a report on the Coman case , written by Alina Tryfonidou.

Furthermore, we presented an updated list of difficult freedom of movement cases. You find more information about our capacity building here. The Constitutional Court of the Republic held a public hearing on the case determining whether Constitutional provisions regarding freedom of movement of family members apply for same-sex couples. The preparation of the Bill had been approved and will be probably presented in spring.

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Read more here photo: Irish Times. See here the recent answer of the Commission in English. This means: the very positive jugdement before the EU Court of Justice Coman case last summer is not the end of our road! NELFA will work tirelessly for more equality!! See the video of the court hearing in Polish. We made some challenging experiences in , but we had also a lot of wonderful moments! See a little summary of our year in English :. See a little summary of our year in English. Enjoy the time with your rainbow families and friends.

And, please, stay tuned! NELFA and its member organisations plan some nice events for you in ! There, he remains as mother. The Constitutional Court rejected the corresponding case in June as unfounded. Congratulations, Roberta!! Read more of her findings here photo: Roberta Messina. It will be organised in close cooperation with two local host organisations: Proud and Prague Pride.

See more here. They support for example a French-Australian couple, Cristina and Mariama, who still fight for their right to be recognised as married couple in Bulgaria. Congratulations, Deystvie! This may help to convince politicians in Croatia to allow foster care for same-sex couples. The Estonian LGBT Association has been consulting and bringing together rainbow families for years and would like to do that more effectively.

It is once again organised by our partner In Dialogue , this time in Barcelona! Macron confirmed to introduce a bill next year, but without a clear road map. You will find a video of the hearing here , and a longer version of the presentation. The Great and General Council voted 40 v. The event was already cancelled because the venue managers had received threads. At a nearby shop the activists were sprayed with an acid substance. Two people were injured and had to be treated in hospital. Read here another media article. The aim was to raise awareness of the difficulties same-sex couples face in Bulgaria and elsewhere, especially with regard to freedom of movement within the EU.

Find here some further details. The petition asks the EU institutions to protect the rights of same-sex couples and rainbow families. Background is the case of Cristina and Mariama, who married in France. But Bulgarian authorities denied Cristina the right to stay. Read more here in English and the corresponding question in Dutch. The draft is supported by several civil society organisations, i. Accept Romania. The bill aims at improving the protection of same-sex couples, for example with redard to inheritage, insurance and other related rights and obligations for their family life.

Today, a first debate on a corresponding law proposal was expected, but unfortunately other issues got between. Background is the recent decision of the Federal Court against a lesbian couple. The judges rejected the automatic co-recognition of the non-biological mother and saw no discrimination. Read ore here in German. RIGA, 29 October : The Office of the Ombudsman of Latvia issued an opinion calling the Ministry of Justice and the Saeima parliament to introduce a framework for the recognition and protection of same-sex families and to review the create a common understanding of the concept and protection of the family in regulatory frameworks.

You can find a first database on other freedom of movement cases here. They must be treated equally to different-sex couples, even after their separation. Love against all recent hatred!!!! Read more here in Italian. A working group will analyse the regulations which would allow couples concerned to realise their rights stemming from the European Human Rights Convention and propose regulations which need to be adopted on the territory of the FBiH.

Read more photo: Boris Kovacev. Their son was born in London in The Polish mother and her female partner tried to register him for a Polish birth certificate, but local administrators rejected the request. Surprisingly, the Supreme Adminstration Court now decided in favour of the rainbow family. Lawyer Anna Mazurczak explains the details of the case here in English.

Marriage equality will come into effect from and civil unions will be possible for both same-sex and different-sex couples. The first lesbian couple and their son already celebrated their wedding today. The LGBT organisation was founded in It has a growing area of families since with around members.

PACE has called for the elimination of all unjustified differences in treatment in the field of private and family life based on grounds of sexual orientation. NELFA contributed to the document on several occasions. Each camera can be quickly mounted using the bracket included in the package. Their compact form factor also enables the cameras to be put inside a protective enclosure for interior or exterior installations.

The cameras use removable CS-mount lenses and can be customized with optional zoom, wide-angle, vari-focal, auto-iris, and other types of lenses as required for a specific application or setting. The CCD sensor also has low-light sensitivity so video can be captured even in environments with very low light or during near-dark times of day. Additionally, the camera incorporates an infrared IR cut filter that, when used with a separate IR lamp, allows for video capture in total darkness.

MPEG-4 gives efficient bandwidth consumption with good-quality compression and is optimal for real-time viewing of video. MJPEG gives optimal video quality with lossy compression, making it ideal for large-volume storage to a network attached storage NAS device. The wireless capabilities of the WVC include support for 1x2 multiple-input, multiple-output MIMO , providing better range than traditional Support for multiple network protocols like Its compact size allows placement in a protective enclosure for outdoor applications.

Senden von E-Mail-Nachrichten m. Videoclips bei Feststellung von Bewegungen - Motion Detection, gleichz. One touch of the Windows Live Call Button lets you see who's online, and you're on your way to making a voice call. Focus depth of field is from 21"" to 60"". Whether for Home, or Business surveillance, or for entertainment and fun, this Network Camera provides all the features needed for an affordable and easy to user IP Surveillance camera. The WCS includes the popular G. The bi-directional audio communication feature of this camera also allows user to use the WCS 11g Network Camera as an intercom.

When motion is detected at the specified regions, the system can send an E-mail alert or send captured images via FTP upload to a designated storage server. It is an easy to use Web-based surveillance management tool that allows users to monitor the camera locally over the LAN or remotely over the Internet. The Samsung TV Camera opens up a window for the video, but keeps another window open alongside so you can still watch what's playing on television!

Use any web browser to view video and control the camera's pan-tilt capabilities. The camera supports a number of connection protocols, allowing you to view the image on everything from 3G and Wi-Fi phones to PCs. The higher the resolution, the higher quality the picture. Ideal for anyone who has kids, pets, or grandparents at home, the camera captures smooth video and crisp digital audio that makes you feel like you're right there with them.

You can watch and hear all the fun on your mobile device, wherever you go. The video is exceptionally smooth, and the details and color are so vivid you'll feel like you never left home. With standard-definition video quickly becoming obsolete, the Belkin NetCam HD ensures that you can take full advantage of your mobile device's high-definition video and audio capabilities. The camera connects to your home's Wi-Fi router and starts streaming video and audio to your smartphone or tablet. You don't even need a computer or laptop. Additionally, night vision lets you watch after dark or in dim lighting, which is particularly useful for monitoring a child's nursery or bedroom during naptime.

With the help of the free NetCam app, you can choose to record the sights and sounds directly to your mobile device. The camera's HD video and digital audio keep your recordings crisp and clear, making them more fun to watch again later. If the kids are asleep, you can stop watching and wait for a text or email notification before you tune in. It also works with Android devices with version 2. A Wi-Fi router with an Internet connection is required.

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Compatible Skype. HD ready p video quality. Skype compatible. Also ideal for YouTube HD videos.

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No proprietary and expensive systems to set up. Allows detailed documents, whiteboards, or visuals to be shared close up during calls. A true 1. Everything else will be dealt with by the webcam. It does not require any additional driver installation and the autofocus with motif detection will automatically find the motif and focus it.

You can instantly use the webcam. The mono headset provides you with a high-level of wearing comfort and is also lightweight and compact. The highly sensitive microphone transmits your voice in high-quality and the particularly long cable gives you more than enough freedom to move around. Das Mono-Headset bietet Ihnen einen hohen Tragekomfort und ist besonders leicht und kompakt.

Sensor type: CCD. With its studio-quality image editing software, you can create high-impact movies on the plane or at the beach. Use the carrying case for easy camera storage without cable clutter. So get closer Now you can make instant messages, emails, and websites come alive by adding live video and audio quickly, easily, and affordably. The Logitech QuickCam Messenger offers everything you need in a web camera: ease of use, quality video, a built-in microphone, and all the software you need to transform your home PC into a budget video communication studio.

Video conferencing is a cheap and effective way to communicate over long distances. Wish a friend happy birthday. Touch base with a client. Say goodnight to your family. Capture stills and video with the touch of a button. Anything you create with QuickCam Express can be e-mailed right from within the program. Snap family photos.

Shoot video greetings. Save, print, or send your images off to friends. Send video mail and photos as easily as you send text, even with AOL. The QuickCam Express operates at 30 frames per second, assuring smooth, life-like video. The camera focus ranges from six inches to infinity, so you can place it on top of your computer and speak naturally.

Auto-adjusts for low-light conditions. Easy to use - sets up in minutes. Camera auto-adjusts for low-light conditions for the best video possible. With snapshot button to quickly take a picture. VGA x video recording quality. Schnelle Bildaufnahmen durch Schnappschusstaste. Offering a wide array of new ""intelligent"" functions for increased efficiency, the VB-C60 is the reliable choice for your video monitoring needs. High x hardware resolution, 1. Powerful integrated LED lights with dim function for enhanced image quality in low-light environment. USB 2. Self-adjusting clamp to attach to notebook LCD screens and flat panel monitors or place on flat surfaces.

Videos in hoher USB Einfach zu verwenden - Einrichten innerhalb von Minuten. Garantie de deux ans. Support complet du produit. High performance VGA optics and integrated microphone provide ultra sharp video and crisp, clear audio. Add video to MSN Messenger, and share a real smile. Communicate STX even lets you ""go big"" by taking your video full screen.

While you're broadcasting, the Vivid Blue light lets you know you're ""live"". QuickCam Communicate STX is easy to set up and comes complete with all the software you need for an outstanding video communication experience. It is also supplied with two stands, including an adjustable flat panel monitor clip, so you can use the STX with virtually any monitor or flat panel display.

La Webcam USB 2. Compared to the USB 1. The CIF sensor supports up to 30 frames per second and its focus can be adjusted from 30 mm to infinity. As with the USB 1. The resolution of this USB webcam is x , 1. Email, the Web, and IM keep you connected with friends and family—but what if you could see and hear them, too?

It works with all popular IM and video calling services, and provides clear VGA video and integrated audio. You get crisp VGA video—perfect for video IM and the latest video calling services—and smart optics that handle low light situations with ease. When used along with the included headset, it's perfect for instantly seeing and hearing loved ones online. Messenger, and even comes with two image editing applications so you can save and share those special moments. The QuickCam Chat captures up to 30 frames per second for smooth live video, and its high-quality CMOS sensor provides up to x resolution for crisp images.

The package includes a multi-purpose swivel base and a six-foot USB cable for flexible placement, and the classic Logitech design fits well in any home setting. Whether you want to improve your video IM or upgrade to video calling, STX will make your online chats, conversations, and friendships far more compelling! Messenger, and Windows Messenger on XP. You'll get ultra sharp video IM, and the STX will let you know you're ""live"" with its vivid blue activity light.

The Communicate STX will take you there in style. Make live video calls and share photos seamlessly with Logitech's VideoCall for broadband. Communicate STX even lets you ""go big"" by taking your video full-screen, and makes it a snap to attach videos and photos to email. The Logitech QuickCam Messenger offers everything you need in a web camera: ease of use, quality video, a built-in microphone and all the software you need to transform your home PC into a budget video communication studio. It is the perfect choice for monitoring tight spaces such as ATM's, elevator lobbies and building entrances, as well as larger sites such as offices, retail stores and shopping malls.

An advanced pivoting axis lets you position the camera at exactly the angle you need, while genuine Canon optics ensure the sharpest, most color-perfect images possible. The versatile monitor clip works on virtually any flat panel, CRT, or notebook display, and the activity light lets you know when you're ""live. Logitech Video Effects avatars and face accessories are designed to work seamlessly with popular messaging programs for a truly unique experience. Have more natural conversations using either the built-in microphone or a headset.

It features a black, ball-shaped camera that sits atop a nine-inch-high stand at your eye level. So that you'll get optimal face time during your video calls or video instant messaging IM sessions. And when you move, it actually follows you around! The QuickCam Sphere mechanically and automatically turns left and right for almost a degree horizontal view or up and down for almost degree top-to-bottom view.

So your smiling face will always stay in the picture. RightSound makes headset-free conversations a reality by canceling unwanted echoes that can occur during video calls. You can talk naturally to your friends and family without tangled wires getting in the way. A high quality stereo headset is also included, for privacy during important conversations. Choose 3D animated avatars that imitate your facial expressions and head movements, or 2D face accessories that allow you to change your look with glasses, hats and more.

Interface: USB. Offering the ultimate in image and sound quality, it's perfect for face-to-face video conferencing, web-casting and remote home monitoring. Quite simply, the best there is! Using As you watch and listen remotely to video and sound obtained by the DCSG, you can take snapshots or record directly from the Web browser to a local hard drive. But between you and your friends and family, live video is way faster.

Get started immediately—without any hassles. Maintenant que vous avez grandi, vous avez tout un tas de nouvelles raisons de rester en contact. Keep sharing your life as you live it. Pas de pseudonymes. Pas de complications. And your friends can get set up simply by clicking a link in an e-mail. No screen names. No hassles. Just smiling faces waiting to say ""hi. And your friends get set up simply by clicking a link in an e-mail.

Keine komplizierten Benutzernamen. Keine Komplikationen. Nur freundliche Gesichter, die ""hallo"" sagen wollen. Die Software wird bereits beim Einrichten Ihrer Webkamera installiert. Choose from hundreds of avatars, face accessories, and masks that mirror expressions and motion. Weitere Informationen zum Logitech-Autofokus. Erfahren Sie, wie die RightLight 2-Technologie funktioniert. Es ist ganz einfach. Finden Sie heraus, weshalb RightSound so gut klingt.

Thanks to its integrated mount, you can quickly and easily attach it to any notebook. Once folded, it covers the lens for extra-protection. It combines the power of video and the convenience of cordless to let you quickly and easily share more of your life without being tied to your PC. Add live video to your favourite instant messenger, conduct video calls and conferences, send video emails, capture still images and say what's on your mind thanks to the built-in microphone Dank des flexiblen Gelenks und des manuell einstellbaren Fokus liefert sie immer gestochen scharfe Bilder.

Foto- und Videosoftware ist im Lieferumfang enthalten. Benefits include a wide surveillance range and exceptional performance in low-light conditions. Furthermore, a 12x digital zoom allows any area to be electronically enlarged for detailed examination. This enhanced optical system is based on Canon's long heritage in lens technology - making these cameras ideal for critical surveillance applications, where accuracy and precision are essential.

An integral LED illuminator provides a viewing range of up to 3 metres, showing objects which are not visible to the naked eye. Additional infrared lighting can extend the viewing range still further. The camera has 9 preset positions, controlling camera angles as well as zoom and AE settings. A K pixel CCD ensures smooth and sharp recorded images. Plus, Automatic Noise Reduction further improves image quality by processing the image before transmission. A cascade facility allows up to 9 cameras to be connected together, via the RSC interface.

Set up is ultra simple and an array of advanced functions enhance efficiency. It also offers an Infrared Night Mode capable of capturing black and white images in low light conditions and even in complete darkness. The video quality and frame rate can be set freely to suit the network bandwidth, producing natural, life-like images.

A high x resolution enables a large, accurate image without any loss of detail. Plus transmitted images can reach the widest possible audience - up to 50 users at the same time - while still providing a clear and sharp picture.

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What's more, installation of the network camera is exceptionally simple. Just two connections are required to start streaming live video - a power supply and a connection to your existing LAN. The end result is an all-in-one network camera solution that can be set up immediately, offering full, flexible and easy interactive control for users. Mac, UNIX. A Panoramic Image Mode allows a series of still images to be collected to create a complete panoramic view, which can be used to set PTZ limits.

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An audio signal can be added to live transmission simply by attaching an optional external module to the VB camera. Motion Detection and Auto Tracking enable the camera to pan and tilt once motion is detected, capturing any movement automatically. The camera can even be configured to send an email alert or turn on high-powered security lighting when motion is detected. You can even upload your videos to YouTube with ease.

This full featured webcam, with true p HD video, delivers smooth, detailed video and crystal clear audio. My autofocus gives you sharp images without manual adjustment and my wide angle lens lets you and your family fit in the best viewing field. I'm a great, light travel companion. Not sure which webcam is right for you? Use our product picker. Why is image quality so important? Sie sind sich nicht sicher, welche Webkamera zu Ihnen passt? Verwenden Sie unseren Produkt-Finder. Find out more about why our collaboration with Carl Zeiss benefits you. Use this camera to watch live video images of your home or office via your e-Centre or via your e-Domotica Internet portal.

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  • Do you wish to keep an eye on your properties? You can watch the images via the Internet anytime and anywhere. When motion is detected, you will get notified via your e-Centre, so that you can take immediate action. You are visiting your neighbours and like to check upon your children. Somebody is at your door.

    Use the Eminent e-Cam, login via your e-Domotica portal anywhere in the world and check the camera images. Le capteur CCD Ceci permet de diffuser un avertissement aux intrus ou un message de bienvenue aux visiteurs. No separate power source is needed at the installation site. Optional audio input adds to versatility. No AC mains power source is required at the site.

    This also enables versatile camera placement. Exceptional detail ensures a high level of surveillance from a distance. A K pixel CCD provides clear and accurate viewing, without any loss of detail. The video quality and frame rate can be set freely to suit the network bandwidth producing natural images. Reach up to 50 users simultaneously while ensuring a clear and sharp picture. A Night Mode feature captures monochrome images even in complete darkness when used with external infrared lighting.

    Broadcast a warning to intruders or a welcome to visitors. Both the fixed-mount Network Camera and web server are housed in a compact and stylish unit. Start streaming live video straight away for high performance with a minimum investment. This includes sensors, a door lock or connection to an external monitor. Easy to use, it enables accurate display of 3D objects and documents to enliven presentations. The Visualiser captures high quality images of documents and 3D objects, with a sharp x pixel resolution. Images are produced at 15 frames per second so even moving subjects are smoothly displayed.

    This powerful zoom lens gives perfect full-screen output even for items as small as A progressive scan CCD sensor with , pixels captures the finest details of both 3D objects and A4 originals. Illuminate documents or even intricate three-dimensional objects perfectly. These high-efficiency 6W fluorescent tubes consume minimum power and emit minimum heat. The REX is both environmentally friendly and extremely economical to operate. Canon's Image Switchover function enables you to alternate between image sources easily, as often as required.

    Text also appears sharper in this mode. The still image remains on the display until a button is pressed. This is especially useful when changing subjects frequently. It can be folded into a compact unit and carried easily using just one hand, thanks to the integrated handle. Using the convenient adjustable clip, it can easily be mounted on any notebook or TFT screen. A stand for desktop use is also included. Ein Stativ zur Desktop-Verwendung ist ebenfalls im Lieferumfang enthal-ten.

    Sans besoin de drivers. Plus, the webcam has 1. Just plug and chat, simple as that! The QuickCam Express adds quality video and audio to your favorite instant messaging programs. Self-adjusting clamp. Includes additional headset. Light weight stereo headset with adjustable flexible microphone for hands-free communication.

    Ideal for Live Messenger, online gaming sessions, listening to music, chatting and telephony applications such as Skype. Comfortable design with soft ear pads and adjustable headband. It captures HD resolution videos at X or up to 4 megapixel images software enhanced. Personalize your calls with Logitech Video Effects animated avatars and face accessories.

    With the QuickCam Pro , you'll enjoy a truly personal conversation online. Enjoy finer, more accurate details and superior quality videos and photos, even in low light conditions. You'll see improved low-light performance, clearer images, and more accurate skin tones when compared to other webcams. Logitech Video Effects avatars and face accessories are designed to work seamlessly with popular instant messaging programs for a truly unique experience.

    Intelligent Face Tracking keeps your face in the center of the video frame, so you're free to move around. You can even zoom in or out to get the right shot. Choose the avatar or face accessory that suits your mood. Il vous permettra de gagner du temps et impressionnera vos amis. Plus, the degree swivel makes calling and recording easier at any angle. Und zwar kostenlos. It attaches to your notebook computer with an integrated monitor clip, and includes a crush-resistant case for easy portability and storage.

    On-ear style. Adjustable headband. Furthermore, a 12x digital zoom allows any area to be digitally enlarged for detailed examination. This enhanced optical system is based on Canon's long heritage in lens technology - making the camera ideal for critical surveillance monitoring, where accuracy and precision are essential. An integral LED illuminator provides a viewing range of up to 3 metres, showing up objects which are not visible to the naked eye. Additionally, there are 9 preset positions for instant recall of camera angles, zoom and AE settings.

    A K pixel CCD ensures sharp recorded images, while Automatic Noise Reduction further improves image quality by processing the image before transmission. This provides quick and easy connectivity to other devices, for simple integration into your existing system with minimal cabling. And, although the camera can be connected to a host PC or camera server, an Infrared remote control handset is available — allowing an operator to control the PTZ functions locally.

    Maximum interpolated image resolution: 1.

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    Focal length range f-f : 4. Colour of product: Black, Silver. Boasting a portable ThinkVantage design that includes dual microphones, innovative spring clip attachment method, and excellent video and sound quality, it is the perfect tool to enhance your PC video conferencing experience. In addition, software cancels unwanted echoes during your calls so your voice comes through naturally on the receiving end, so need for a headset!

    It also includes a convenient travel pouch for travel. This enables better eye contact and lets you share the room with those on the receiving end. Snap, edit and archive software is included. This web cam is compatible with all messenger and chat applications. The microphone is built-in and it is very easy to connect and install the camera. Die Webcam ist mit allen Messenger- und Chat-Anwendungen kompatibel und mit 4 lichtempfindlichen LEDs ausgestattet, die automatisch einschalten, wenn es dunkel wird.

    Das Mikrofon ist eingebaut und die Kamera ist leicht zu verbinden und zu installieren. The VGPUVC features a built-in microphone and an improved lens that offers sharper images, less distortion, and a larger focus area. The camera stand can also be used to attach the webcam to the screen of a notebook or desktop PC. Schnelle Bildaufnahmen durch Schnappschusstaste";"Trust eCoza";;;" Colour of product: Black. The camera can even be configured to send an email alert or turn on high-powered security lighting when motion is detected";"VB-C50i - x , 0.

    Ein weiterer Vorteil: die Installation der Netzwerkkamera ist denkbar einfach. Mac, UNIX vorausgesetzt. Zoomfaktor festzulegen. Sinnvolle Funktionen wie Bewegungserkennung und Autotracking steuern die Kamera automatisch, sobald eine Bewegung registriert wird. Even more: 1-Click-Upload makes the video uploading to YouTube in a snap! Perfect for video chatting, taking photos, and creating, emailing or posting video blogs including YouTube.

    Advanced video and image processing for smooth video, crisp sharp image and accurate color. Three quick launch buttons: IM button - programmable to launch your favorite supported IM solution, snap shot button to take photos, video launch button to record video. Thanks to the built-in keyboard light, you can comfortably use your laptop in low light. It is lightweight, portable and features a flexible gooseneck stem for easy positioning and storage.

    These applications use the network as the platform to enhance comparative advantage by accelerating decision time and reducing transaction time. The security, resilience, and scalability of the network help users in any workspace to easily connect every time, everywhere, using any media, device, or operating system. Cisco Unified Communications is part of a comprehensive solution that includes network infrastructure, security, wireless, management applications, lifecycle services, flexible deployment and outsourced management options, and third-party applications.

    The fixed-type enclosures include heavy duty, angle-adjustable mounting bracket that can be used to secure the camera on a vertical or horizontal surface. Maximize the full potential of your D-Link Internet Cameras to secure and protect your business. This model includes a heater and blower for camera operation in a wider range of temperature-sensitive environments.

    The built-in power supply simplifies the installation procedure. Das integrierte Netzteil vereinfacht die Installation der Kamera. With snapshot button and microphone. Or bring instant messages to life by adding images to your Yahoo! Now you can create amazing videos and shoot 1. Add live video to Yahoo! Make live video calls, set up a video monitoring system, or send photos and video along with your e-mail. You can even edit your images and videos.

    Enjoy a high-quality widescreen image, Auto Focus, and the vivid colour and clarity of TrueColor Technology. Vous pouvez ainsi voir les contours de chaque sourire. Supports Full HD p x widescreen resolution for highest quality Youtube video broadcasting. Use this IP camera to watch live video images of your home or office via your e-Centre or via your e-Domotica Internet portal. This camera can also be used without e-Centre as an internet camera with many features!

    The Eminent EM e-Domotica camera shows live video images of your home or office. Combine this camera with the Eminent e-Domotica Motion Sensor to create a video alarm system. Use the Eminent EM camera, login via your e-Domotica portal anywhere in the world and check the camera images.

    So even at night when it is totally dark, you have a clear image of the environment. For long distance view at night, you can use the EM IR illuminator. You can easily control the camera by accessing the built-in web page or using your e-Centre. You can control this IP camera by a computer or by your e-Centre, both via your local network or via the Internet.

    The camera also works great without e-Domotica touchscreen, simply open the webpage of the camera on your computer or smartphone iPhone, iPod, Android. Die Kamera kann auch ohne e-Centre genutzt werden als Internetkamera mit vielen praktischen Funktionen! Discuter en ligne ne sera jamais comme avant. Featuring a high-quality VGA sensor, built-in microphone and video capture up to 30 frames per second at x resolution, the V7 webcam enables users to receive clear live images and sound. Have more fun when you chat by adding video effects such as rain or snowflakes.

    Logitech QuickCam Deluxe for Notebooks works with any instant messaging application or video calling program. A stylish travel case lets you take your webcam wherever you go. Your videos and photos will be rich and vibrant with a x VGA resolution. The manual focus ring provides more control over close-up images and the snapshot button makes taking stills fast and easy. QuickCam for Notebooks works with all leading instant messaging and video calling applications.

    Includes Fun Filters to add video effects such as snowflakes or rain to your video chats or photos. Digital zoom and automatic face tracking technology that keeps your target right in the centre. Progressive scan, excellent low-light performance and audio support make it perfect for surveillance applications.

    Flaches Design und einfache Anbringung per Magnethalter. Brennweite kann nach Wunsch eingestellt werden.

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    Messenger as easily as you send text - and no camera required at the other end. If a single picture is worth a thousand words, think what a video can say for you! La Notecam est compatible avec tous les programmes messenger et toutes les applications de chat. This high quality K pixel webcam 1. Thanks to the compact and lightweight design, you can easily take it along with you anywhere, because the webcam is just about the size of a standard USB memory stick!

    The rotatable joint of the webcam makes it possible to adjust the capture angle easily. Die Notecam ist mit allen Messenger- und Chat- Anwendungen kompatibel. With its high quality CCD sensor and IR attached lens, it can capture brilliant and clear pictures under low light conditions making it suitable for almost all security and surveillance applications. It also provides recording capabilities for synchronized video and audio when captured by event-driven or scheduled recording modes. An ultra-wide viewing field and face tracking keep you right in the middle of the action.

    Personalise your calls with Logitech Video Effects filters, face accessories and avatars. Travel case and desktop stand included. Plus net. Plus riche. Plus clair. Damit Ihre Logitech-Webcam noch mehr leistet. Kein Problem. Auch das. A glass lens provides more lifelike images, and the high-performance sensor captures detailed photos—up to 5 megapixels software-enhanced.

    A true x sensor lets you capture crisp, sharp videos and 1. Includes a separate headset for privacy. The universal monitor clip fits any monitor. Full product support. Simply install the software, plug in the webcam and launch your favorite video calling application. Included bonus software lets you create fun photo collages and makes editing and printing photos a snap. A universal clip attaches to most monitors and notebooks and lies flat on desktop surfaces.

    A perfect solution for video calling applications such as Skype and MSN Messenger, QuickCam Messenger is the perfect choice for keeping in touch with family and friends. Avec bouton de mise en sourdine du micro de PC ou pour prendre des appels lors de l'utilisation d'un iPhone, d'un Blackberry ou de Skype for iPad. Express your style with this urban design headset. High quality design with integrated microphone and 40mm drivers for great sound performance. Comfortable and light weight design with adjustable headband and big soft ear pads to fully enjoy your music.

    With inline-microphone making it suitable for chatting, online gaming sessions and telephony applications such as Skype. Express your style with this urban design headset and webcam";"Bleiben Sie einzigartig! Ganz egal. Ihre Webcam funktioniert mit allen. Die Software wird bei der Einrichtung Ihrer Webcam mitinstalliert. Damit sparen Sie Zeit und imponieren Ihren Freunden.

    Auch unterwegs stets in Kontakt mit Freunden, Familienmitgliedern und Kollegen. Attach it to your monitor with a clip or sit it on your desk, and then connect to your desktop through a USB port. Meet face to face over the Internet Internet service required and sold separately with co-workers and clients. The simple interface lets you capture, edit, and add affects to images and video. Zoom in and out, track faces, or upload images and content to YouTube. Let the built-in mic pick you up clearly as you go. Pour le rendre encore plus amusant, le software Photo Frame vous permet d'ajouter tous types de cadres de photos sur vos images!

    The webcam is compatible with all messenger and chat applications and its Face Tracking function keeps your face automatically in the center of the video frame. To make it even more fun, with the provided Photo Frame software, you can add all kinds of different photo frames to your pictures! The included fashionable headset ensures crystal clear sound during Internet telephony VOIP , gaming and music listening. Its high-resolution video and clear and natural sound is sure to take their breath away. It will be almost like you're in the room there with them. Incorporating an 18x optical zoom lens, these cameras allow a user to zoom in on a small or distant object with exceptionnal clarity.

    It works with what you have. Branchement USB 2. It is the most suitable peripheral for a hi-def videoconference. This webcam can record video. The EM has a built-in microphone and live image support of x pixels with a frame rate up to 30 fps. This makes the EM ideal for video conferencing and video instant messaging. You do not have to sit still or change the camera position anymore!