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Motherboards 3 Aug 20, Similar threads Question which mother board support intel pentium 4 processor?

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Latest: madmartin41 1 minute ago. Laptop Tech Support. Moderators online. Top Bottom. Question which mother board support intel pentium 4 processor? Tuesday at AM. Jul 22, Question Any intel motherboard support these parts? Apr 11, Feb 15, Dec 26, Dec 18, Nov 27, Nov 6, Oct 7, Aug 20, Mac OS X is particularly animation-rich, so support for graphics chips is critical.

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With newer graphics chips it's best to perform the installation without selecting a graphics driver, so that Mac OS starts in VGA mode. Installation is successful with some compatible graphics cards, though. Nevertheless the second chip is recognised and you can use the four DVI outputs to connect further monitors — similar to a Mac Pro with two graphics cards. Almost all graphics drivers in circulation support digital LCD connections, although it's possible that in some setups only the analogue VGA mode will be active. Multi-screen operation is no problem: after connecting a second monitor, Mac OS extends the desktop area automatically.

The hard disk was a Seagate Barracuda Leo4all also integrates many updates, including Leopard The Kalyway image also works well for Intel systems. Setup DVD About five minutes after starting the installation, a graphical setup mode appears where you choose, among other things, the partition into which Mac OS is to be installed. Mac OS initially finds no partition in a new drive, and Disk Utility must be used to create one or more partitions. The setup process takes a good 30 minutes.

Thanks to Leo4all's good hardware support, network and audio devices are immediately available after the installation. However, you'll need to install a graphics driver later. After completing the installation, Mac OS plays a short video and asks for a user name and password. Instead, it's better to use the modified Netkas kernel 9. As already mentioned, you may encounter difficulties either during setup or installation.

For example, if the system hangs shortly after the start of the setup DVD, or if an error message appears, the following switches for the Darwin bootloader can be helpful: - f, - x, -v, -legacy.

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Also, switching off one of a dual-core processor's cores in the BIOS can be helpful. After installation, a flashing cursor can appear on-screen, followed by nothing much at all.

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In this case, the partition was probably not marked as active, which prevents startup. You can retrieve this situation manually by starting again from DVD, calling up the Terminal program and entering the following instructions:. Post-installation problems: orange disk icons In many cases, the Leopard hard drive is identified as a removable device — especially if the disk controller is an Intel ICH9 in AHCI mode.

Accordingly, the disk's icon is orange instead of grey. That not only looks bad, but can also cause problems with access rights. This can be resolved by replacing two kernel extensions 'kexts'.

In the 'About this Mac' info box, it simply says 'Unknown Processor'. The memory complement is also often not properly recognised, while the CPU functions supported by Leopard no longer appear. To correctly display processor and memory information, you need to edit the AboutThisMac. Here you should find the AboutThisMac. Then save the file and replace the original with the modified version. The most comprehensive forum is insanelymac.

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The Intel platform manages this better than AMD, as the latter cannot operate in bit mode and lacks the appropriate CPU extensions for optimising virtualisation performance. By contrast, the overclocked 3. As our tests show, Mac OS Leopard running on a single 3. It even outperforms Apple's high-end workstation in some areas — particularly the memory benchmarks.

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More serious, however, is the fact that with two memory modules installed in the Mac Pro, only two of the four available memory channels are used, cutting the theoretical maximum bandwidth by half. As a result, even the AMD system matches Apple's high-end workstation in the memory benchmarks. With pure arithmetic operations, however, the dual quad-core Mac Pro is superior to the Intel system, despite its lower clock speed.

Mac Pro: 2 x 2.

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Intel PC:1 x 3. Longer bars are better. You can also use. Mac accounts and the integrated Time Machine backup feature, which didn't work with earlier Mac OS images. Graphics acceleration is no longer an issue, and nor is the digital control of LCD screens. However, you will have to accept some reduced audio functionality, and will look in vain for drivers for most PCI add-on cards. Although the modified Mac OS images exhibit no stability problems on optimal hardware under normal conditions, not all functions are supported.

Sleep mode — which puts the system into a state that consumes only a few watts of power — works only in exceptional cases, when all the relevant kernel extensions are available. You'll need to be careful with software updates, too. Although most Mac OS updates work, those affecting the core operating system kernel are often incompatible. For instance, the automatic update to version Changes to key drivers following an update may also prevent Mac OS from starting up on a standard PC.

Installing Windows using Boot Camp does not work either. Whatever the difficulties involved in installing and setting up Mac OS on a desktop PC, the situation is usually exacerbated on a notebook — for example, it's not usually possible to replace a graphics accelerator or a network chip.

Installing a modified Mac OS image on a standard PC is unlikely to be a productive exercise for most users because of the technical obstacles likely to be encountered. However, it can be a rewarding experience for enthusiasts and specialists with Unix expertise. As mentioned at the start of this article, this is a legally questionable pursuit that is definitely not to be undertaken without first purchasing a legitimate copy of Mac OS Leopard. Benchmarking the iPhone 5. Benchmarks: Intel's Sandy Bridge. Benchmarks: Intel's 32nm Clarkdale.