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Kick it old school - if you like retro devices then check this out - NIB - simply opened to show you scanner. This is the only new windows compatible unit around - very nice. The unit powers up fine and is excellent condition. Arranging Inspection. See similar items. All packaging is still on the scanner. New LightLid Item is new, box has been opened. The ScanMaker has a Sigma-6 CCD sensor, which features six rows of sensors instead of the usual three for enhanced accuracy, clarity, and resolution.

A LightLid 35 is included to let you scan 35mm slides and transparencies. This is an adapter for select Microtek flat bed scanners. Scans slides to digital images. Turns your Microtex flatbed scanner into a slide scanner.

Microtek Scanmaker 4800 Install w/ Windows 7 64-bit

Easy to setup and use. The ScanMaker includes high-quality CCD sensors and can enlarge your photos to 8 by 10 inches while maintaining image quality. The comprehensive software bundle includes everything you need for editing, the Web, photo work, document management, and scanner control. The LightLid 35 adds versatility to your scanner; you can scan your 35mm slides and filmstrips to send to friends and family.

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Flatbed 8. Color, grayscale and black and white in a single pass. ADF: 8. Color monitor with Bit Color capabilities. Material: Plastic. Country of Manufacture: China. Minor blemishes on the glass. About M E Page. If an item cannot be tested or is partially tested the details will be listed with the Item Actual Operation details. Results Pagination - Page 1 1 2 3. Sponsored Listings. Got one to sell?

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Microtek Scanmaker I Flatbed Scanner. Microtek Scanmaker x Flatbed Scanner New. Some of the articles are very specific Microtek reviews. What do Microtek users say about SilverFast? Paul Butzi - Explaining resolution and dynamic range tests with SilverFast Ai in comparison with Microtek's ScanWizard demonstrating how SilverFast best preserves every fine detail and maximizes dynamic range.

Dennis Fetty - Since I am new to the higher end of scanning, I discovered that SilverFast is the gold standard of the scanning world. But it took some hours to get to that point of discovery, so hopefully I can save those of you who are at my level of in expertise a lot of pain and frustration. Quite frankly, I don't even know why Microtek wastes it time with Scanwizard Pro when SilverFast is the gold standard. System Requirements SilverFast 8. SilverFast 8 supports Photoshop Elements 8 to SilverFast 8.

Please contact us. All rights reserved. The i has x dpi optical, so at it qualified. In fact, dpi is the current limit for 8. Manufacturers achieve resolutions greater than that by stacking CCDs at a half-pixel offset. For the i, Microtek uses two dpi CCDs to get to dpi. In olden days, the only way to copy a slide was to dupe it. And duping always results in a loss of quality. Typically, detail is lost in both the highlights and shadows, increasing contrast. Naturally, we had about dupes to scan. Precious dupes but dupes. We needed a scanner that could capture as much detail as remained in those dupes, above those high 3.

The i has 4. Unlike digicams, most scanners even inexpensive ones capture more than eight bits per channel. Eleven, 12, even 14 bits are common, but the i captures a full 16 bits. This gives you quite a bit more information to work with. Finally, we knew we'd be scanning some large files, so we wanted a fast connection. We set up the FireWire connection. With the i we got a little more than we bargained for. Because it's a flatbed, it can batch scan up to 12 35mm slides or negatives at a time. At 77 megabytes each, that's probably enough for one batch.

Finally, there are a couple of software items that speak to quality. The inclusion of SilverFast Ai impressed us. Even more, the inclusion of IT8 reflective and transparent targets with the associated data files on CD. More companies should supply IT8 targets with their scanners. If not, you have to buy these tools to actually calibrate your scanner.

By including them, Microtek makes a statement. And the statement is simply, "Quality. Quality is no stranger to Microtek. The company claims a number of industry firsts from the world's first dpi black-and-white sheetfed scanner in to the world's first USB and SCSI scanner in With over patents worldwide, Microtek dedicates over 20 percent of its staff and over 10 percent of its revenue to research and development. Founded in , the company is headquartered in Industry Park in Hsinchu, Taiwan. The company has major operations and distribution channels in 53 countries around the world.

SnapTrans templates are plastic inserts the size of a sheet of paper that let you mount multiple filmstrips, slides or transparencies with little more than a snap. The loaded templates fit into an opening in the lower, main staging tray so the film can be scanned with no glass between the sensor and the film like film scanners and unlike flatbeds with transparency adapters. The included set contains templates for 35mm mounted slides, 35mm filmstrips, 6x9cm film, 4x5 film.

Also included is an 8x10 glass film holder assembly to handle larger transparencies.

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  8. A set of 10 vinyl strips for the glass holder is also included. The i is fully supported. Support by email or through the Web site is free. Microtek offers one year of complimentary installation support and fee-based advanced troubleshooting, support and consulting through the MLI Consulting Group. The unit includes a one-year limited warranty. We installed the i twice. Hoisting this behemoth around is not for everyone. At roughly 25 wide-bodied pounds, it's awkward to pull out of the box and hard to lift. Enlist an associate. That, of course, only speaks to the quality of its construction.

    It's built like a tank. Considering the sensitive optics, that's a good thing. Once positioned, you have to unlock the chassis as with any flatbed. A screw on the bottom can be rotated with a coin or screwdriver. To unlock the chassis, turn the screw counterclockwise until it pops free. It will extend slightly below the bottom of the scanner when unlocked. Lock the chassis before moving the scanner by pushing the screw in and turning clockwise until it's snug. Connect the cable of your choice to the appropriate port on your computer and you're almost ready to go.

    You should really install the software before powering it on so your computer knows what is being plugged into it. Software installs are a lot less painful than they used to be and we have no pain to report in this case.

    Microtek ScanMaker i900 and Windows 7 64 bit :(

    We had already installed VueScan. Every one of these three programs knows about ICC profiles and wants one for the reflective bed and another the transparency tray of the i ScanWizard Pro actually insists you calibrate and profile the scanner. That's really the last step and all these programs make it easy if you read the documentation.

    We can't applaud Microtek enough for including the IT8 targets you need to actually do this.