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Any suggestion or help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance! The only things that will ever ask you for digits only 8 of them on a Mac is when you connect your Apple Wireless Keyboard or when using the Migration Assistant via network. Whatever is asking you for 6 digits has to be some third party application and service. The only thing I can suggest at this point is doing a Safe Boot which disables all third-party services, start-up items etc If that doesn't work I suggest to revise what you installed on the system and what could cause this "6 digit NIP" lock. No Mr Carpenter. It acepts only 6 numbers.

Choose Utilities and then Reset Password. The 6 digit 'nip' presumably 'pin' is entered by the user when issuing a remote lock command, if you forget it off to the Apple Store you must go, it is not user resettable. Rob Nightingale. Top Deals. Shelbi Joseph April 14, Hell, charge me, fingerprint me, background check me, make me wait a grace period.

Find a solution for this Apple to protect your customers. A solution to this second hand sale glitch helps the seller and the buyer buy more Apple products. This is very true!! And appl eis only going to say: Sorry!! Yesterday i saw a movie in my macbook. Today I cant login my macbook.. I tried with Apple ID password. Anything didnt work. What can i do..? I donot know about anything of this setteings. I am new to OS system. Beat it! Hey sdpoulter, I wonder if there are enough of us to start a class action suit against Apple.

I bought my Macbook Pro a year ago from a doctor who is now out of the country and hard to contact. Two days ago my housemate copied an older Mac OS from a disk onto a thumbdrive on my machine and forgot to remove the disk. My machine evidently tried to boot from the disk and this triggered the firmware lock. Apple wants proof of ownership that I will not likely be able to provide. I feel the burden of proof is too high and that they have essentially stolen my machine. Bought my laptop secondhand from the owner off of Craigslist. Of course… my emails and texts to that individual are just past the end of my email and text chains so… I am stuck.

This is a victory against theft! So… no one wins, everybody loses. The person I purchased from I have lost contact with as well. After using for six months mine locked up. LOL Same here! Last night, Mar 12 or was it this morning mar 13, ? First and foremost is the monopoly itself. Since monopoly has set that you must produce a receipt, they could very possibly take your item as in seize it just as plausibly could the entire justus system. We record all video and audio here for every transaction in the hopes of warding off potential miscreants.

When we did the reset the firmware lock appears and we do not have the password. We were given a phone number and I contacted the person and he agreed to pay me what I had paid for it, only when we met it was not the guy I bought it from but someone else. The guy I bought it from had bought it from this guy, who was the original owner.

He said he was sorry and could not do that. I told him all he had to do was call Apple and tell them to reset the password because the case is all logged and ready for him to call. I am being held hostage by this guy.

Apple computer – Screens and types of Locks

A great post, very good to know indeed. Why pay for Apple or someone else to fix it. I like this knowledge.

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In all previous terminal machines this never happened. In many cases, e. So a diff. I use File Vault. I selected the option to allow Apple to store my decryption key, so if I forget my password, I can get help. Really would. The process Apple gives to authorized service providers is a bunch of work. If I remember correctly, they send you some encrypted disk images and a terminal command that you have to use to put it onto a dedicated USB drive. The password they give you is really long, and I think it involves more terminal commands. I work for Apple and scrub Firmware daily.

A sbc file is sent to me after I give apple the Hashcode. They email me a sbc file,i apply it with a script to a usb file. Boot the computer. Thats it. This is probably a long shot given how old this post is. Reinstall osx, then put back into yours. Should boot as normal. I agree. If you install a firmware password you should know the consequences of losing it. So I received a fancy white doorstop. I even tried pulling the HD, wiping and installing a fresh copy of the OS, then reinstalled it. Waste of time.

Do I want to blow money at an Apple Store disabling this password? Not really. Has anyone actually tried this? Thats what I was going to say…. All you can do is hold the Option key down and enter the firmware password. If your in the OS you could boot off another volume with the firmware tool, but that is about it with the new models or call Apple. Like mentioned the older models you could change the amount of memory and reset the PRAM and that usually turned it off.

Yes correct, a firmware password is required immediately and no alternative boot modes can be entered. The firmware reset is possible through Apple or removing RAM only. Yes you are correct, the article format needs to be clarified and updated if this is causing some confusing, apologies. The second option is how to reset a lost firmware password. Please read the article to understand this is not a risk, to reset the firmware password you need proof of ownership provided to Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

A criminal would not have that documentation like a receipt in your name and the computer registered in your name, for example.

If you can access an approved device that uses your iCloud Keychain:

A quick google search can find any of this information from any number of other web sites. These tips are no secret by any means. If you think this is teaching criminals, then you know nothing about cyber threats and are a tool for thinking it. There is more than enough out there in the normal and dark web that will teach you a lot more than this simple trick to unlock a computer. This is a baby step. The real fun is when you can do more than that remotely. Learn before you show how ignorant you are for the whole world on the web can see.

Forgot a Mac Firmware Password? Don’t Panic, Here’s What To Do

Thanks for making ridiculous assumptions and wasting this servers disk space. That has to be one of the most narrow-minded ignorant responses to this tutorial and instruction page. Unlike the delusions of what may have been due to years of built-up programming too much tele-vision , not everyone is criminal nor as paranoid or judgmental or …pick your word.

Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Forgot a Mac Firmware Password? Glenn says:. April 16, at pm. Oliver says:. February 26, at pm.

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