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The file is the first character either d or - , while each of the subsequent groups owner, group, and other are represented by each subsequent cluster of three characters. In short, a "Symbolic Value" is the "string" based counterpart of a corresponding "Octal Value". In this case, converted to its symbolic counterpart is "drwxr--r--". If you're looking for info on how to obtain a symbolic value, or how to transpose an octal value to symbolic notation see our guide on the subject - How to Understanding Symbolic Notation.

[R-SIG-Mac] Command lines for R on Macintosh

Chmod is a well known command line utility, that's used to manage file permissions on MacOS, Linux and other Unix like operating systems. While there are multiple ways to use chmod, on this site, we have chosen to focus exclusively on using chmod with Octal Notation. The following examples illustrate exactly how to change your desired file to permissions matching " or drwxr--r--" using the command line and chmod.

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Toggle navigation File Permissions. Octal Value An "Octal Value" or "Number Value" of a file permission is simply a numeric value, composed of 3 or 4 digits, each one ranging in value from 0 - 7, that represents access grated to users on the system. Symbolic Value drwxr--r-- File Permission's "Symbolic Value", or "Symbolic Notation", is a string made up of 10 characters that represents access granted to users on the system.

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